1A-1L Educational Interpreting

1A-1L Educational Interpreting

Practitioners working in k12 settings need to be prepared for a wide variety of topics and great variation in communication. Diversity in age, culture, language, and identity are demonstrated. Interpretations are provided as an example of successful work. These titles are often utilized by those seeking to pass a k12 interpreting assessment.

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1A-1L Educational Interpreting
  • 1A Sign-to-Voice: 7-Year-Old Brianna

    Elementary: 7-Year-Old Deaf Child

    Want to prepare for the Sign-to-English portion of the K-12 educational assessment? Need to understand Deaf children’s sign communication better? Increase your success with an articulate seven-year-old willing to give you an eyefull. Precious and precocious, ...

  • 1B Sign-to-Voice: 10-Year-Old Derek

    Elementary: 10-Year-Old Deaf Child

    Want to relieve your stress about understanding Deaf children's signing? Would you like to go into your performance assessment confidently? Practice with Derek, a bright and linguistically advanced 10-year-old with signing that will teach you about ASL gramm...

  • 1C Sign-to-Voice: 12-Year-Old Lydia

    Middle School: 12-Year-Old Deaf Child

    Here’s your worry-free chance to hone your skills for interpreting in middle school or for children via VRS. Lydia gives you a rare opportunity to practice sign comprehension and interpreting for a 12-year-old client, raised in a mainstreamed setting. She...

  • 1D Sign-to-Voice: 13-Year-Old Kuualoha

    Middle School: 13-Year-Old Deaf Child

    Accept this assignment to enhance your skills and gain confidence interpreting for a mainstreamed, middle school client. Kuualoha’s language samples are representative of what you can expect to face in your educational performance assessment, with VRS cli...

  • 1E Voice-to-Sign: 12-Year-Old Hearing Student

    Middle School: 12-Year-Old Hearing Child

    Be fully prepared for the English-to-sign portion of your Educational Assessment! Don’t mistakenly limit your skill development to only D/deaf children in the school setting…practice understanding the speech (and thought) patterns of their hearing clas...

  • 1F Voice-to-Sign: Fourth Grade Anatomy

    Elementary School Lecture: Anatomy

    Are you ready for academic content included in educational interpreting assessments ...and in the classroom? This popular lecture by a real 4th grade teacher helps you ‘digest’ common school content related to Anatomy; the respiratory system, digestive syste...

  • 1G Voice-to-Sign: A Hearing Mother's Perspective

    Voice-to-Sign: A Hearing Mother's Perspective

    If you interpret in the educational setting, you WILL want to work with this popular DVD! IEP meetings can impact a deaf child's whole educational experience. Get a rare glimpse into the perspective of a parent with a deaf daughter! Here’s your opp...

  • 1H Voice-to-Sign: Political Science

    Voice-to-Sign: Political Science (HS/College)

    Want to challenge yourself to interpret a fast-paced, spoken English lecture with ample political and historical terminology and complex content? Keeping up with this professor is great preparation for the NIC or the high school portion the EIPA!

  • 1I Sign-to-Voice: Videography

    High School: Communication Arts

    Here’s your chance to work with a very skilled Deaf high school instructor, Jason Stewart, as he gives a dynamic, interactive lesson presented in ASL to high school students. Increase your ASL vocabulary related to video technology and improve your ASL-to-Englis...

  • 1J Sign-to-Voice: History of Fashion Design

    Middle/High School: History

    Do you consider fingerspelling a challenge to understand? Marla Marks gives a lesson on the history of fashion as she signs and fingerspells very clearly using Contact Signing, yet at a pace that would challenge the best of interpreters. This is a wonderful, nonthre...

  • 1K Sign-to-Voice: Earth Science

    The World in Your Hands
    Middle/High School: Science

    Would you like to develop your skill in producing a spoken English equivalent for articulate ASL presentations? This Science lesson uses near-poetic ASL grammar; advanced use of space techniques, with scientific content artistically painted ...

  • 1L Sign-to-Voice: Science and Drama

    Want to increase your competence understanding high-level ASL and providing an equally articulate spoken English rendition? This DVD provides you dramatic use of ASL for advanced interpreting practice. Practice matching intense affect, complex content and challenging spatial features. Two interpr...