6E, 6G Discourse Samples

6E, 6G Discourse Samples

Dr. Nathie Marbury and Mark Azure lead viewers through a series of discourses in increasing length and complexity. From informational to persuasive and argumentative, learners and interpreters have an opportunity to explore ASL discourse structure. Included are samples of interactive material- affording insight into the conversational turn-taking process in ASL.

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6E, 6G Discourse Samples
  • 6E ASL Mini-Stories

    ASL Mini-Stories

    Strengthen your ASL comprehension, short-term memory, prediction skills and ability to interpret consecutively! Nathie and Mark present ASL mini-stories (topics given for context). Team interpreters included. 45 min.

  • 6G ASL Dialogues

    ASL Dialogues

    Want to understand/interpret ASL conversations with multiple signers? See ASL dialogues for three specialty areas; teacher/student, counselor/client, and lawyer/client. Realistic and emotionally charged, a great practicum for you! Interpreting demonstrations included. 25 min.