6F, 6H Stories & Jokes

6F, 6H Stories & Jokes

A royal lineup leads viewers through a series of stories and jokes of varying length and complexity. Highly entertaining and engaging, some of the stories have been told in Deaf communities for generations. Lean in and explore how cohesion and transitional devices are used to bring someone from an opening sentence to a laugh or a lesson.

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6F, 6H Stories & Jokes
  • 6F ASL Stories

    ASL Stories

    Graduate to longer stories with ASL grammar, use of space and exuberant affect for receptivity and interpreting practice. Voiced. 30 min.

  • 6H ASL Funny Bones

    ASL Funny Bones

    It’s not all laughs interpreting humor. Advance your skills with deaf jokes signed in ASL by Lou Fant, Sharon Neumann Solow, and Dan Pineda. Can you make it funny in English? Great practice for VRS! 25 min.