Bravo ASL!

Bravo ASL!

Bravo ASL! Curriculum makes it easy for you and your students to succeed. Enjoy the most effective, user-friendly ASL curriculum, including 10 hours of video featuring ASL instructor, Billy Seago and the lively Bravo family. Everything you and your students need to meet second language requirements in high schools, higher ed, and language labs! These videos also have companion texts, both for students and instructors. Find information on to discover supplemental materials.

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Bravo ASL!
  • ASL01 Meet the Bravo Family

    Don’t just smell the coffee, learn how to ask for some...using ASL! Wake up to the Bravo family and start learning ASL for morning activities. You’ll be “showered” with new skills! Learn about Deaf Culture and how to ask questions. 40 min.

  • ASL02 Breakfast with the Bravos

    Come for breakfast to satisfy your appetite to learn more ASL! Take a seat at the Bravo’s breakfast table and learn how to order a delicious ASL! 40 min.

  • ASL03 Where's the TV Remote

    Have you ever lost your remote? Watch the Bravo family search the house for theirs, while you discover new ASL skills in each room! Learn about the latest technology that enhances communication access for Deaf people. 30 min.

  • ASL04 Let's Go Food Shopping

    Let’s Go Food Shopping! Go grocery shopping for a generous portion of ASL! Learn to ask for your favorite foods, in your new favorite language. Learn to use Topic/Comment structure. 40 min.

  • ASL05 Review & Practice

    You’ll be amazed at how much you’ve learned as you review lessons 1–4! Includes new practice sentences, dialogues and stories. 60 min.

  • ASL06 Read Any Good Fingers Lately

    Simple as ABC! Learn how to fingerspell! Also learn the signs for colors. Special bonus… entertaining performance of a Number Story by Billy Seago! 35 min.

  • ASL07 A School Daze

    Anna falls asleep in school and has a dream that makes learning schoolrelated signs hilarious! Everything is surprisingly topsy-turvy, except all the great things you learn about ASL and Deaf Culture. 40 min.

  • ASL08 A School Daze the Sequel

    Don’t wake Anna! You’ll learn number signs in a funny math lesson. Learn about school options for Deaf children and how to sign ‘conceptually.’ 45 min.

  • ASL09 Dollar Signs

    Your interest rises as you learn signs related to money. Dad and Scott make a deposit and you withdraw even more ASL! Learn of vocational options for Deaf people. 50 min.

  • ASL10 Review & Practice

    A perfect “10” with review and practice activities for lessons 6-9. 60 min.

  • ASL11 Playing in the Park

    What do you and your family and friends talk about when you go to the park? Exploration? Scenery? Do you jump into a sport or game? Well, get ready to join the Bravos as they head on an outdoor excursion! Learn signs that support your awe of not only nature, but having fun with those closest to us.

  • ASL12 The Doctor Is IN

    Learn medical signs everyone needs to know as the Bravos share a touching hospital experience. Cultural topic: accessibility in medical settings. Grammatical topic: facial expression. 45 min.

  • ASL13 Business as UNusual

    You’ll want to work overtime learning work-related signs! Cultural topic: access to the workplace. Grammatical topic: numbers. 45 min.

  • ASL14 Let's Go Clothes Shopping

    Learn clothes shopping signs when a trip to the store leads to more than new clothes for the Bravo's new special friend. Cultural topic: raising a Deaf child. Grammatical topic: classifiers. 40 min.

  • ASL15 Practice & Review

    Review what you've learned in the VideoCourse! 60 min.

  • ASL18 Activities Video

    Multi-cultural, age-variant signers provide interactive activities that correspond to the lesson plans. Features Lou Fant, Nathie Marbury, Billy Seago and 5 Deaf children. 73 min.