6A-6D ASL Instruction

6A-6D ASL Instruction

Included are opportunities to begin looking at ASL production both on its own as well as in the context of translation and interpretation. Explore and experiment with structure, syntax, and idiomatic language.

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6A-6D ASL Instruction
  • 6A English Idioms

    Improve your ASL and interpreting skills one easy step at a time!
    English Idioms

    Start with simple sentences and move on to mini-stories, stories, dialogues and jokes. ALL include interpreting demonstrations for you!

    Don’t ‘miss the boat!’ How do you interpret English idioms using ASL? What if ...

  • 6B-1 ASL Sentence Pre-Test

    ASL Vocabulary

    Try your hand at interpreting sentences applying ASL lexicon (vocabulary). Watch the visual cues on the video to consider the concept you will be interpreting. It is highly recommended you video record your work. When done, you can view the ASL Sentences with an interpreting demon...

  • 6B-2 ASL Vocabulary: Sentences with Interpreting Preview

    ASL Vocabulary

    Do you want to apply advanced ASL conversational signs within your interpretations? Would you like help with production, ASL grammar and use of space? Improve your English-to-ASL interpreting skills one sentence at a time. Includes Jenna Cassell showing you how! 20 min.

  • 6C ASL Vocabulary, Affect & Structure

    ASL Vocabulary, Affect, and Structure

    Use ASL vocabulary, grammar and non-manuals to match content and affect! These sentences are simple, yet you’ll advance your skills in big ways. Jenna Cassell demonstrates. 45 min.

  • 6D ASL Sentences

    ASL Sentences

    Enhance your recognition of ASL features and improve your sign-to-English skills as Nathie and Mark sign ASL sentences and team interpreters provide demonstrations for you. 30 min