Interactive Discourse Series

Interactive Discourse Series

Practice interpreting exchanges between Deaf and hearing people with these interactive vignettes similar to those found on interpreting certification tests and real-life assignments. Observe credentialed interpreters interpreting and transliterating. In a breakthrough production, observe a Certified Deaf Interpreter at work.

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Interactive Discourse Series
  • IDS1 BiLiteracy in Deaf Ed

    This interactive discourse is for you to interpret! Whether you are an experienced interpreter needing CEUs or a new professional preparing for the certification test... this is an excellent practice sample for you.

    Record your work and interpret the 20 minute sample cold. There will be hearing ...

  • IDS2 BiLiteracy Terp1

    If you have practiced interpreting the talk, "Bi-literacy in Deaf Education," you are ready to begin viewing the interpreting demonstrations! In this video, Steve Phan demonstrates how to handle both the voice-to-sign and sign-to-voice portions of this discourse.

    Notice what he does for those ar...

  • IDS2 BiLiteracy Terp2

    Here's an excellent opportunity to see not just one, but TWO excellent interpretations and learn from comparing them to each other and to your own work!

    After viewing each, you can watch them side-by-side to maximize the benefits you receive from both.

    If you like, you can 'shadow' (or copy) th...

  • IDS2 Biliteracy SideBySideTerp

    You've practiced interpreting the vignette, seen each of two interpreters work the same sample... now, maximize the comparison with a side-by-side view!

    NEW! Now you can watch and listen to both interpretations at the same time! Watch the speaker, listen for each of the interpreters choices; com...

  • IDS3 Deaf Club

    This is the simulation vignette. Similar to how NIC requires you to interpret an interactive discourse, this video provides a talk presented in ASL with questions asked in spoken English. Interpret everything as you would in the testing situation or in an actual assignment.

    We recommend you vide...

  • IDS3 Deaf Club Terp1

    After you interpret this vignette (while recording your work), you can view this video with certified interpreter, Steve Phan, showing you how he worked with this sample.

    Listen to his ASL-to-English articulation and affect match and see how clear the production aspects and use of space features...

  • IDS3 Deaf Club Terp2

    After interpreting the Deaf Club vignette, this is your opportunity to view the second interpreter showing how she interpreted! Pay close attention to areas that challenged you.

    Incorporate the new skills and choices she makes when you repeat your interpretation. These will become skills you can...

  • IDS3 Deaf Club SideBySide Terp

    This is a vignette in which a Deaf man talks about his favorite movies, and answers questions about his educational background. It is a chance to practice interpreting for this interactive discourse and viewing how TWO interpreters interpret side-by-side.

  • IDS4 7 Elements

    This 40-minute interactive discourse presents a lecture by a Holistic Health Practitioner. While the talk is in spoken English, the Deaf members of the audience ask questions in ASL. This simulates a real-world interpreting situation in which the interpreter needs to interpret between the consume...

  • IDS4-5 7 Elements INT

    If you have interpreted the sample yourself, you now have the opportunity to view the multiple interpreters' work!
    This demonstration shows an RID certified interpreter going from spoken English to ASL and vice versa.
    You can compare the choices made by Kellie to your own. You may want to 'shadow...

  • IDS4-5 7 Elements TL

    If modeling is the best way to learn a language.. the same holds true for interpreting. So you now have the chance to learn from one of the most articulate interpreters available!

    Steve Phan, awarded the Distinguished Service Award by RID, is known for his sign production clarity.

    This video al...

  • IDS4-5 7 Elements SideBySideTerp

    This side-by-side view of two certified interpreters helps you compare the transliterated and interpreted versions at the same time. Compare the processing time, linguistic choices, use of space features and when each use fingerspelling!

    Notice ASL features included in the processed transliterat...

  • IDS4-5 7 Elements CDI

    Learn from a native ASL user and professional interpreter, Steven G. Stubbs. Certified by RID as a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI), Steven shows us how to let go of the source language (spoken English) to provide an amazing ASL equivalent. He works with his hearing team interpreter, Kellie Shana...

  • IDS Holistic Health Preview

  • IDS Bilingual Ed Terp Preview

  • IDS Bilingual Ed Preview

  • IDS SideBySide Terp Preview